Voice Workshops and Training in Adelaide & Online

Adelaide Voice Therapy is pleased to offer training sessions tailored to the needs of your team. Suggested sessions include:

  • Vocal Health in the Workplace
    equipping your team to maintain healthy voices. Suitable for teachers, call centre operators, fitness coaches, sales representatives or other groups with a high vocal load.
  • Vocal health for choirs and vocalists
  • Voice assessment and therapy principles for speech pathologists
    Suitable for clinicians wanting to build skills for voice treatment
  • Preparation and understanding of texture modified meals
    Suitable for residential aged care facilities or teams caring for clients with dysphagia
We are pleased to offer training sessions tailored to the needs of your team.

How to book workshops and training sessions

If the available sessions don’t meet your needs, please call us on 08 8472 6123 to discuss how our experienced speech pathologists can tailor training to suit your team.

We also provide on-site theatre/studio consultations to work with your team of performers. This can be a valuable tool for injury prevention and care of your performers during production. Our principal speech pathologist Miriam Voortman is a well-regarded vocalist and is highly experienced in managing the voices of professional performers through vocal injury and in maintaining show-fitness.

Please call or email to enquire about pricing and booking time availability.

Need help with your voice, a chronic cough, upper airway disorder or swallowing?

Adelaide Voice Therapy is here to help! We offer both in-person & online therapy. Our experienced speech pathologists aim to offer the highest quality, personalised care to our patients. Book online today!