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Adelaide Voice Therapy is a speech pathology clinic providing in-person & online services to adults and children across Australia for voice disorders, chronic cough, upper airway disorder and swallowing.

Adelaide Voice Therapy In-Person & Online Services

Speech Pathologists at Adelaide Voice Therapy have extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of voice disorders, swallowing difficulties, chronic cough and upper airway-related breathing disorders.
We have a special interest in working with vocalists and professional voice users.

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Are you a talented speech pathologist who wants to further your career in the field of voice, swallowing and upper airway management?

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Miriam is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist. She has a special interest in voice rehabilitation for performers, treatment of chronic cough and inducible laryngeal obstruction and treatment of complex swallowing disorders.

Managing Voice Fatigue

Does your voice feel tired at the end of the day? Perhaps it becomes effortful to talk or you struggle…
Need help with your voice, a chronic cough, upper airway disorder or swallowing?

Adelaide Voice Therapy is here to help! We offer both in-person & online therapy. Our experienced speech pathologists aim to offer the highest quality, personalised care to our patients. Book online today!